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Podcast – Exploring Art Based Coaching

This in-depth discussion breaks down misconceptions and barriers and, I hope, encourages the coaching profession to be more curious about this powerful tool.
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Creating spaces for our clients in times of conflict and crisis

I have been shocked and saddened by what has been and continues to unfold in Ukraine. I have felt guilt, powerlessness and a numbness. I am not alone and it...
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Life is what we play

When we play we stumble upon new behaviours, thoughts, strategies, movements or ways of being. We see thing in a different way and fresh insights.
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Get to know your vagus nerve

Did you know that the healthier your ‘vagal tone’ is the better your body is at relaxing, recovering from states of anxiety and maintaining a healthy equilibrium in your body.
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Do you REALLY want to go back to normal?

Now that we are starting to emerge from Covid-19 and life could be getting back to normal, I find myself asking - in all honesty do I want to go...
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Make time to think and leverage your wisdom

Making time to think and reflect on you and your role often seems like a luxury that can’t be afforded. Yet we logically know that when we do, we gain...
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Supervision – a cornerstone of great coaching

My supervisory relationship has been essential in helping me to build confidence in my voice as a coach, and develop and grow my practice from who I am.
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Coaching and Trauma

When trauma does come into the coaching space it may impact our clients’ abilities to achieve what they want to achieve and, if we are not aware that trauma is...
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Our Story Telling Brain

Our brain is an amazingly complex organ but did you know it can actually tell us stories rather than give us the reality?
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